It’s been a few days since my latest follower threshold mark, and since I told you guys I would give you a new video today, this is me in the gym last night. 

I couldn’t help myself in the steam room last week.


As promised, in appreciation for crossing the 1,000 follower mark this week, I give you… a 4.5-year old video (can’t believe it’s been that long!) of me and my former college roommate and fraternity brother jerking off while watching some porn.  Long story…but supposedly some girl on xtube wanted us to tribute her photo.  I didn’t care, I just wanted an excuse to JO with him on camera; we did it off cam ALL the time.  I’m just glad I have this.  Don’t tell him I’m sharing this with you okay?  :D

Oh… and my cock is the pierced black one.  SURPRISE!  Up until last night that was the only piercing my dick had.  If you guys enjoy this one I have a couple more I might share as well.  Let me know!  And how ‘bout those cumshots, eh?  You might say I was pretty turned on.


I’m no stranger to sharing my college buddy fap sessions.  As promised, and in honor of FY!FF crossing the 2,000 tumblr follower threshold today, as well as thousands of you who aren’t on tumblr coming back day after day, I give you another personal clip from The Archive.  Filmed in 2008, you’ll see me stroking in the beginning.  My college roommate had just walked in and gone to his bedroom; I was sitting on the couch, fully clothed, and decided I wanted to beat off.

We were really cool about nudity and masturbation in the house, and often watched porn, beat off together, shared fleshlights and walked around naked.  Just guys being guys and bonding; those days I miss.  I cranked up the porn and waited to see how long it would take him to come out of the room and join me, which is why you hear that giggle in the beginning :-)

Lo and behold, surprise, surprise, my roomie enthusiastically joined me in the living room, as only he could.  At first he doesn’t realize I’m recording, which is why the camera is kind of low and only shows his feet at first.  After he gets more comfortable and a nice stiffy going, pants come off and you see me move in with the camera.  He laughs when he realizes it, but of course he’s used to it and doesn’t mind.

You’ll see a dish towel on the carpet in the middle of us towards the end.  Yep.  That was for us to shoot our loads on.  Only instead, in our excitement, both of us shot way over the towel and all over the carpet.  My buddy, who owned the house, laughed with me and simply said, “don’t worry about it.”  I’ll never forget this day.  Sadly, I couldn’t find the clip with the cumshots.  :-(  

I still communicate with him via facebook and text from time to time, and preparing for this post today got me all worked up so I sent him a text to urge him to visit.  No reply as of yet.  Time for a naked JO buddy here in Austin for my next chapter…

PS— Stay glued to FY!FF for more 2K FFollower Appreciation Day gifts tonight.  :D


Dialogue of the day

“I’m gonna cum.”

“Drink it.”

“Drink my fuckin’ load!”

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Trevor found his next victim for his huge cock.


My creeper husband strikes again

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